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MAX-LEADER's industrial microwave equipment, hot air new energy equipment, intelligent transportation equipment and various automated production lines are widely used in food, agricultural and sideline products, medicine, chemical, metallurgy, building materials, powder, laboratory equipment and many other industries.
It has formed a close strategic partnership with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Institute of High Temperature Materials, and the Sanmao Institute, and has rapidly transformed cutting-edge scientific research results into productivity and market. MAX-LEADER is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and service. It is mainly engaged in industrial microwave drying, sterilization, heating, puffing, preservation, extraction, synthesis, sintering, thawing and research and development of new energy technologies and equipment. Applications, the main products are: industrial microwave series, product applications cover ceramic sintering, chemical reaction, sterilization, drying, thawing, cooking, extraction, etc., widely used in metallurgy, powder materials, chemicals, ceramics, refractory materials and other high consumption The industry of heavy pollution and the fine processing of new materials, as well as food, pharmaceutical, rubber, waste treatment and other industries, hot air new energy series, intelligent transportation series.
The company takes industrial microwave equipment as its core and provides customers with intelligent production line design and turnkey projects. A number of products were rated as “Shandong Province Industrial Energy-Saving Products”, among which MAX-LEADER industrial microwave equipment was rated as “Shandong Famous Brand Product” and “MAX-LEADER” trademark was rated as Shandong Famous Trademark. The company has strong technical strength and has nearly 100 professional and technical personnel in mechanical design, electrical design and materials engineering, including three doctors and more than fifteen masters.
The company has been approved by the Zhengzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau to establish the “Jinan Microwave Thermal Energy Application Engineering Technology Research Center”.
MAX-LEADER In the process of development and application, we have universities and research institutes such as the University of Electronic Science and Technology (Chengdu), Sichuan University, Zhejiang University, Fudan University and the Institute of Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as well as many medical equipment and industrial equipment manufacturers at home and abroad. / Integrators have established a close relationship.
MAX-LEADER focuses on creating a new generation of microwave industrial equipment and developing the latest microwave technology. Weilang Technology is committed to providing efficient, intelligent and stable microwave equipment for customers at home and abroad by relying on the deep understanding and application of microwave energy feeding system, power electronic system, automatic control system and microwave application technology. The Shandong Provincial Industrial Microwave Application Engineering Technology Research Center was approved by the Science and Technology Department of Shandong Province, and was approved by the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology to establish the “Shandong Industrial Microwave Public Technology R&D Center”. In June 2013, the MAX-LEADER microwave was assessed as a country. High-tech enterprises.

Microwave thawing is a new type of thawing method that adapts to the development trend. It penetrates the meat products through high-power density 915MHz microwave to ensure uniform temperature inside and outside after thawing. It takes only 10 minutes from -18°C to -2°C to thaw. After the color, nutrients and fresh meat are basically unchanged, and continuous production, to minimize the proliferation of harmful bacteria, is currently the best way to defrosting meat products, defrosted meat products include: beef, chicken, fish , shrimp slippery, pork and other products.
Microwave thawing has an irreplaceable advantage over natural thawing and hydrolyzing. Microwave defrosted meat products have the same appearance and fresh meat, and occupy a small area. A 225kW microwave equipment occupies only 100m2 and only requires power distribution. A small amount of cooling circulating water, no special conditions, no pollutants,

MAX-LEADER continuous microwave wood drying water balance equipment not only can dry wood sheets, but also balance the moisture inside the wood to achieve the drying effect of the wood.
1. Microwave power is infinitely adjustable. It adopts 10′′ LCD touch operation + knob power control, and the device segmentation power is not the same. It completely simulates the heating curve of wood to ensure that the wood does not crack.
2, the use of long-life conveyor belt transmission, life expectancy of more than 5 years, automated production, reducing manual operations.
3, using the domestic top frequency conversion microwave power supply, life can be more than 50,000 hours, completely replace the traditional transformer, reduce maintenance costs, once and for all.
running result:
1. Greatly improve the wood drying output. Compared with the traditional process, it saves energy to a large extent, accelerates the production efficiency by 50%, improves the drying quality of the wood, and prevents the secondary cracking of the wood;
2, reduced controllable costs, compared to the traditional drying room process, saving 40% -50% of operating costs, and no pollutant emissions, energy saving and environmental protection;
3. Drying the water balance inside the wood, using one machine for dual use, reducing the equipment cost, and killing the eggs inside the wood to achieve the sterilization effect and increase the life of the wood;
4, intelligent control, internal temperature monitoring, smoke alarm monitoring, feed detection and monitoring, intelligent equipment, boost industry 4.0 transformation.

Since its inception, MAX-LEADER has been committed to the research and development of honeycomb ceramics set drying production equipment. As the leading microwave company in China, our company has realized industrial production in many domestic ceramic enterprises. Our company's first microwave uniformity The feeding device has successively realized industrialized automatic production in Shandong, Jiangxi and other places, and brought a high-speed road to the industrial production of honeycomb ceramics.
MAX-LEADER's newly developed honeycomb ceramic complete drying equipment, the largest drying ceramic ceramic diameter ≤ 381mm, height ≤ 450mm, and can be completed within 30min, the product is not cracked after the setting, the yield is high, and the material is continuous extrusion The feed can be produced 24 hours a day.
The honeycomb ceramic shaped drying equipment developed by MAX-LEADER is made of stainless steel, which enhances the aesthetics of the equipment and greatly enhances the corporate image. Weilang Technology has unique advantages in microwave leakage prevention system, PLC industrial control system and power supply system. The whole process includes: uniform feeding→setting drying→cooling, without manual intervention, which greatly improves production efficiency and is more safe.

MAX-LEADER—120kW continuous microwave aerogel curing aging equipment

1. The equipment is applied to large aerogel production enterprises. Many units have been produced. The aerogel is replaced by low temperature method, and the production capacity is improved. The whole process takes only about 10 minutes.
2, equipment configuration rewinding machine, metal detection, feed detection, alcohol spray, microwave replacement, leak detection, alcohol detection and other equipment, the whole process is monitored by LCD touch to ensure production safety.
3, alcohol method to replace aerogel has a certain degree of danger, but through reasonable design, the risk can be minimized, and can meet the production needs of quality products.

Equipment advantages:
1. Fully automatic control, centralized control of all monitoring equipment, equipment safety in the first place, and can achieve efficient production process.
2, can achieve 180m2 production requirements per hour, continuous production, no downtime.
3, the equipment is beautiful in appearance, all stainless steel design, enhance corporate image.

MAX-LEADER—Continuous microwave expansion equipment mainly uses high-speed oscillation of polar molecules by microwave to change the intermolecular structure or achieve the effect of increasing the interlayer distance. It is suitable for expandable graphite, intercalated graphite, graphite oxide, etc. Acidified or oxidized graphite products. Most of the intercalation materials or oxidized substances are polar molecules, which can be instantaneously expanded under microwave conditions, so that the distance between the graphite layers is rapidly increased to achieve the puffing effect. And in the process of the microwave, the instantaneous temperature of 2000 ° C or more can be generated to remove the impurities and the acid liquid in the graphite product to achieve the purification effect. The product produced by the rapid microwave reaction has good chemical properties, and the subsequent continuous high-speed grinding and ultrasonic dispersion can produce graphene products with low layer number, high specific surface area and high conductivity, and is suitable for various industries. .
Microwave equipment features:
1. The first continuous microwave graphene bursting and stripping equipment in China, using intercalated graphite, graphite oxide and graphene oxide materials as graphene products with extremely high power density.
2. Using the selectivity and concentration of microwave energy to generate a great energy focus on graphite molecules with a high dielectric constant, maximizing production efficiency and achieving the best product quality.
3, the entire production process does not exceed 90s, and can achieve the effect of removing impurities, the purity of the products produced is high, and the subsequent processing volume is small.
4. The output of a single unit is 120kG/h, which is the cleanest and most efficient preparation method.
Advantages of microwave graphene burst peeling equipment:
1. No pollution, microwave is a kind of clean energy, and the gas generated during the production process, the sulfur substance has an absorption tower, and the organic matter can be recovered by concentration.
2, the output is high, according to the current actual level, 200Kw microwave can produce 120kG / h of oligo-layer graphene, which is not replaced by other methods.
3, microwave is a kind of thermal reduction, only high temperature, and has not undergone chemical reduction on the structure damage caused by graphene, so it has a unique advantage in the battery, adding.
4. The microwave is not only the effect of bursting. In the environment of gas protection and high temperature, the graphene can be purified, and the produced product can be directly used after washing, which greatly reduces the cost.
5, microwave is a means of producing graphene, with other equipment, can produce graphene with different properties, will also open up its own line in the preparation of graphene.
Adapt to the product:
1. Burst peeling and purification of powder or intercalated graphite or graphite oxide with a certain liquid content.
2. High-temperature reduction and purification of graphene oxide, liquid phase stripping or solid stripping.
3. Preparation and purification of high purity graphene.
4. High temperature purification and reaction of other graphite products.

European 150kW continuous vegetable grain drying equipment
1. Location of equipment: Ukrainian, mainly used for drying and sterilizing taro, potatoes, onions, celery, cereals, nuts, etc.
2, using 100kW microwave + 50kW hot air drying method, microwave to quickly extract the internal moisture of the crop, and does not change the color of the material, hot air to make the surface of the material to produce a baking sensation, improve product quality.
3, continuous production, no manual operation, fully automated production.
Continuous vegetable grain drying equipment advantages:
1. Compared with traditional equipment, continuous production can be realized, and it is safe and reliable without manual operation.
2, suitable for different crops, a wide range of applications.
3, while drying, to achieve sterilization effect, one machine dual-use, no need to prepare other sterilization equipment.

500kW continuous microwave tunnel equipment
1. The project has a total of 3 production lines, each of which has a production capacity of 150kW, including feeders, smashing machines, water hydrators, etc., with a daily output of more than 100 tons;
2, the traditional hot air drying and drying needs to be aired in advance for a day, and then baked in the oven at 80 degrees Celsius for more than 10 hours, microwave continuous tunneling machine does not need pre-processing, all the killing time only takes 4 minutes;
3, using fresh pepper as raw material, you can extract natural pepper oil. Under the action of microwave, the oil partially penetrates the surface of the pepper, and the aromatic substance is not easily volatilized by the action of microwave, which improves the economic value of the crop.

Advantages of continuous microwave tunnel equipment:
1. Automatic control equipment, no manual operation, greatly reducing labor costs.
2. The appearance of the equipment is beautiful, without any pollutant discharge, and enhance the corporate image.
3, high production efficiency, special for large processing plants, the choice of smart factory.