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2005 Leblanc Mirabeau

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2005 Leblanc Mirabeau
Leblanc Mirabeau specs
Top Speed: 230 mph / 370 km/h
Engine: 4.7 liter 700 HP Aluminum V8
Europe has created some serious supercars, but the Leblanc Mirabeau has a class of its own. The European creation is allegedly qualified to compete at the race track in Le Mans, France, but unlike other race cars, is completely street legal. The Mirabeau boasts a price tag of $579,000 and an almost unlimited number of customization options - including the installation of a modern Formula 1 engine.

Street-Legal Race Car
The Leblanc Mirabeau is build like a race car. A frame of titanium and magnesium supports the lightweight, carbon-fiber body. Even the interior of this sports car mimics a race car with an almost barren feel. The interior, however, can be modified to meet your personal preferences including leather, special engine upgrades, and really anything else you can think of.
Leblanc Mirabeau picture
A Customer Focus
Leblanc also knows how to make customers feel special. If an interested party would like to make modifications to their Leblanc Mirabeau, they may call the engineering department directly. It makes sense that paying more than half-a-million dollars for an automobile entitles owners to a few extra perks. Even so, Leblanc is known among supercar manufacturers for its customer service and personalization.

Serious Power
To provide the power necessary to legitimately call the Mirabeau a race car, Leblanc selected a supercharged, 4.7-liter V-8 engine created by Koenigsegg. Koenigsegg is known world wide for creating supercars under their own brand. Of course, if speeds of over 250 mph the standard engine provide are not enough, you can always pay for a small upgrade and install a Formula 1 engine.

For those in tune with true performance, it goes without saying that the Leblanc Mirabeau is not just a car. In fact, it is really more than a supercar. It is a true race car. The fact that it was designed for the streets just makes it that much more of a dream to serious vehicle enthusiasts everywhere.